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2013 Is here! Things are always happening here at the Motor Speedway. Check back to the site often for updates on news and events, otherwise get out to the track and let's go racing!
Racing Schedule
2012 GJMS Event Schedule
April 29 Colorado Supermoto
April 30 JayWalker Lodge 11AM to 2PM 25 Drivers 2 Hour Enduro
May 1-2 Executive Security International
May 4-6 SKUSA Mountain Region Round 1 @ GJMS
May 12 Red Rock Racers 2 Hour Kart Enduro 12-3 PM
May 13 Motocross
May 16 SAVMI 40+ People
May 19 The Gauntlet Obstacle Course Event on MX Track
May 27 GJMS Club Race #2
June 9-10 CKRC @ GJMS
June 10 Colorado West Corvette Club
June 16-17 Racing for Heroes / GJMS Club Race #3
June 23 Mike Goebel 2 to 4PM 10 People Open Track
June 30 Schlumberger 1PM to 7PM
July 15 GJMS Club Race #4
July 21 Open Track and Red Rock Racers
August 2-3 Flyin Miatas
August 13 Pacific Sheet Metal 1-3 PM Grand Prix 10-14 People
August 26 Club Race #5 - Rentals after 5 PM
September 1-2 SKUSA Mountain Region
September 8 Open Track Supermoto @ Red Rock Racers
September 9 Colorado Supermoto 5280
September 18-19 Executive Security International
September 20 Doyle Group- Open Track Group of 12 2pm-3pm
September 21 Anzini Group-Grand Prix Event 11am-2pm
September 30 GJMS Club Race #6
October 5 Umbrella Roofing 2hr Enduro 10am-2pm
October 13 Open Track & Red Rock Racers
October 21 Club Race Championships
July 31 - August 2 Flyin' Miata Summer Camp

2014 GJMS Event Schedule

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